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A Flower Affair

Member Name:Sheila Tschetter
Category: Florist
Member Since: March 2006

Around the World in Eighty Ways

Member Name: Irene Neustaedter
Category: Travel Agent
Member Since: May 2001

Coldwell Banker/National Preferred

Member Name: Gary Morwick
Category: Realtor
Member Since: October 1991

CostWise Business Consulting

Member Name: James Bloomfield
Category: Business Consulting
Member Since: February 2016

Discount Car and Truck Rental

Member Name: John McClellan
Category: Auto Rentals
Member Since: April 1989

Edmond Financial Group

Member Name: Paul Edmond
Category: Financial Advisor
Member Since: January 1972

Elite Communications

Member Name: Daniel Crampton
Category: Telecommunications
Member Since: November 2014

eshine Cleaning Services

Member Name: Dylan Dufort
Category: Commercial Cleaners
Member Since: September 2016

Fountain Tire

Member Name: Eugene Roussin
Category: Auto Maintenance
Member Since: October 2015

Glasgow Collision Centre

Member Name: Jan Spencer
Category: Auto Collision Repair
Member Since: March 2003

G. T. Rowswell Realty Leasing Co.

Member Name: Graeme T. Rowswell
Category: Commercial Real Estate
Member Since: March 2014

Haworth & Company

Member Name: Lynn, Leanne & Doug Haworth
Category: Accountant
Member Since: August 1986

Highwater Training & Consulting

Member Name: John Flood
Category: Training & Consulting
Member Since: 2015

IT Convergence Inc.

Member Name: Lloyd Huys
Category: Information Technology
Member Since: 2017

Karufa Window & Door

Member Name: Rudy Gross
Category: Windows & Doors
Member Since: March 2014

Kat Renovations

Member Name: Kevin Kendel
Category: Renovations
Member Since: September 2010

Knight Archer

Member Name: Ivy Jordan CAIB
Category: Insurance Broker
Member Since: October 2015

Leech Printing

Member Name: Colin Fraser
Category: Printing
Member Since: July 1996

Maximum Impact Plus

Member Name: Angie Kendel
Category: Home Staging/Interior Design
Member Since: June 2011

Montage Design

Member Name: Susanne Vande Vyvere
Category: Graphic Design
Member Since: January 2008

National Leasing Group

Member Name: Paula Hartfiel
Category: Equipment Leasing
Member Since: October 1995

Neil Bardal Funeral Centre

Member Name: Janice Dryden
Category: Funeral Home
Member Since: September 2010

Platinum Promotions

Member Name: Paul Gauthier
Category: Promotional Products
Member Since: January 2009

Polo Park Hearing Centre

Member Name: Leslie Holden
Category: Hearing Centre
Member Since: May 1998

Precision Movement and Therapies

Member Name: Dr. Alan B. Daien
Category: Chiropractor
Member Since: June 2003

Rene's Courier

Member Name: Renee Lawson
Category: Courier Service
Member Since: March 1985

Supreme Basics

Member Name: Supreme Basics
Category: Office Products Supplier
Member Since: October 1999

The Law Offices of Peter J. Moss

Member Name: Peter J. Moss
Category: Law Office
Member Since: October 2008

Web Wizards Inc.

Member Name: Candace Rudy Koffman
Category: Web Design
Member Since: September 2009

Wheatland Home Financing Team

Member Name: Dennis Wheatland
Category: Mortgage Broker
Member Since: January 2017

"KAT RENO has been a member since 2010. Previously we had been a member of several other business clubs in Winnipeg; but, found that they did not offer what we were seeking. We were seeking a business club where we could develop relationships with other honorable and ethical business owners. No cliques. No politics. Just a great group of people who were interested in growing their businesses with us. This is what we found at the Winnipeg Business Club! I enjoy our weekly lunch meetings and our social events are fabulous! And, yes, of course, we do a lot of business with our fellow members of the Winnipeg Business Club. Thank You for allowing us to be a member of this fantastic group of people!"

Kevin Kendel, President, KAT RENO

The Winnipeg Business Club

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