Thursday is business day; the day the WBC meets. Every Thursday at noon, you sit down to a business luncheon with the WBC. You get a terrific lunch (included in your yearly dues), get brought up-to-date on various business happenings in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, renew business acquaintances, and get more business leads.


Membership brings scores of "salespeople" out from areas of the business world you may never get access to. Members will promote your name and services, and the best part is, there's no competition in the club. Only one of each category of business is allowed to join, so you would be the only one in your field. You'll join a broad spectrum of members, from companies with hundreds of employees, to companies with a sole representative.

"I am a relatively new member to the Winnipeg Business Club. I enjoy the weekly meetings and the growing friendships with the other members. The wide array of businesses involved offers access to a multitude of trusted sources for information and assistance in those areas as well as an opportunity to develop potential leads."

Janice Dryden - Undertaker - Neil Bardal Inc Funeral Centre

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